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Quantum Connect offers web design and digital marketing services in West Sussex and its surrounding regions. We create bespoke, user-friendly websites for our clients and are experts in website promotion through SEO, PPC, Google My Business, Google Ads, social media, and more.


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Welcome to Quantum Connect

What we do

Web design & development

We believe a website should be functional as well as look great. We design and build responsive websites for performance, security and user experience. Our focus is on optimising your site and converting traffic into customers. From Lead Generation to Sales Conversion and E-Commerce, we work with you to develop a bespoke design that matches your business objectives and your business style.

Digital Marketing

We work with you to develop a strategy that suits you and your business. Our focus is ensuring Return on Investment by generating quality leads that convert into real business. We really do understand that every business is unique, and we will only recommend solutions that are relevant, cost effective and aligned with your business objectives.

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The internet is now the largest marketing channel for business owners from tradespeople like plumbers and carpenters through to service providers and distribution businesses. This trend is growing rapidly and with it comes the opportunity to help local businesses develop an online presence that delivers new business as well as securing repeat sales and referrals from existing customers. We can help you with putting ‘joined up’ plans in place from working out the game plan through to the launch of an effective and robust website. At the implementation stage we can: design and build websites, develop appropriate lead generation channels and we can equip you with the tools to follow through and convert the business!


Our expertise allows you to focus on what you’re good at, while we work hard to put your business on the map!

responsive web design

We Design for Mobile Platforms, too.

We ensure all of our websites are responsive across all devices.




76 % of people who look for a nearby business on their smartphones, visit them within a day’s time and 28 percent of these searches end in a purchase.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Extend your reach with effective Search Engine Optimisation. Search Engines work by a process of ‘crawling’ the web and then indexing them based on the quality and content of the webpage. By structuring your pages correctly and creating relevant content we can boost your rank on google and generate more traffic for your website.
SEO Work

Digital Edge

Our Digital Edge package is a great way to get started if you have a new online presence to promote. Or perhaps you’ve a had a Website for a while, but It just does not generate any leads? We have put together a package to build an initial efficient platform. Give your Business the EDGE  it needs and make the most out of your website. 


  • Digital Marketing plan
  • 1 hour  digital strategy consultation
  • Identification of top keywords/search terms for your Business sector ( choose up to 10)
  • Social Media Set Up and plan 
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Google Ads account setup
  • Google Business Set up
digital marketing

What our clients say.. 

“ I had a website for a previous business but it was very static and did not look that professional. I am delighted with the website that Simon has constructed and advised on, as it successfully promotes quality, prompting visitors to the site to comment on how attractive it is. For me, as a start-up business, the fact that this is a subscription payment model allowed me to get up and running and promoting my business. It provides me with the flexibility I need “.
Andrew Wait

Founder, RedApple Architectural Carpentry

“ I found working with Simon and Jeff easy and supportive especially in the way they guided me with regard to the overall strategy of the website and the structure. The fact that this is a subscription service makes the website affordable not just in the setup but also with regard to maintenance and the ongoing changes and additions to content that are required. It wasn’t just me that was pleased with the final look but more importantly those people that have visited the site and commented on how good it looks.”
Paul Wait

Managing Director, RedApple7

Our History


Quantum has been improving sales and marketing for organisations of all sizes since 1992. For small and medium-size business sales and marketing can be a bit of a nightmare and difficult to understand unless the owner has a background in the profession. In the digital age, it has become very complicated and sole traders and SMEs are bombarded with ‘miracle cures’ for lead generation ranging from website design, digital campaigns, search engine optimisation, social media and Google Ads etc. We cut through all of the jargon and communicate in practical terms that make sense and relevant to your business. We roll our sleeves up to get the job done and bring you the results you are looking for quickly and efficiently and at an affordable price.


Why Us


The fact is, the basis for any campaign needs to be a game plan that makes sense for your business. We will make sure that you are reaching the people you want to reach and ensure that they take the actions required to do business with you and earn you a good return in terms of sales and profit. This will ensure the right digital strategy before embarking on expensive and time consuming digital marketing campaigns. 

That’s where Quantum Connect really comes into play. We will help you to put ‘joined up’ plans in place from strategy through to implementation. At the implementation stage we can: design and build websites, develop appropriate lead generation channels and if required we can equip you and / or the people who sell to follow through and convert the business! We are uniquely placed to do this. Most service providers are either ‘marketing’ or ‘sales’. We genuinely are both and we can make sure your digital marketing is aligned with your overall plan for growing the business and ensure top quality lead generation that produces results

web design project

Quantum Launches ‘Connect’

I am pleased to announce the launching of Quantum Connect our new Digital Marketing Service. So, why are we doing this? Well, it comes under the heading of ‘Avoiding the Sales and Marketing Black Hole’ as outlined in our first Quantum Connect blog. Our mission is to:...