Google Ads

Google Ads is a search triggered advertising service. These are the
little ads you see above the fold on Google search results pages.
Advertisers BID on specific keywords to trigger their ads to be displayed
in the Google search results, and advertisers pay Google each time their
ad is clicked on.
Adwords is a fast way to acquire targeted traffic without doing months
of SEO work, so it can be a great way to validate a business idea quickly

Google Ads is a ‘pay per click’ [PPC] model.
• You generate a list of relevant keywords for your business
• Create ads relevant to those keywords
• Users search the internet using one of those keywords
• Your ad is shown
• If your ad is compelling enough, the user clicks on your ad
• You [the advertiser] pay Google for the click [advertising cost]
• User goes to your website and you hopefully make a sale!

google ads