Lead Generation

We drive relevant and motivated traffic to your website by researching and targeting the right keywords, optimizing your ad budget, and creating landing pages with clear calls-to-action and points of contact

Our approach also includes rich snippets and call extensions to increase the likelihood of phone calls so you can connect with searchers directly.

Increase valuable leads & sales by bringing targeted traffic to your website and creating landing pages with focused messaging, clear CTAs, and quick points of contact. Our ultimate goal is to increase valuable leads and sales for your business

We continuously measure our success and provide you with regular monthly reports that detail the performance of your ads, traffic sources, keyword performance, site visits, leads, and conversions, allowing you to track your return on investment.

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What is Lead Generation?

Lead Generation is the process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business’s products or services.

Quantums multi-faceted lead generation approach increases your company’s ability to reach new levels in your industry.

Our team of marketing professionals at Quantum Connect have the industry experience and expertise to help you generate leads, build your customer acquisition list, and deliver effective marketing solutions

The common problems businesses face with Lead Generation.

  • Are the leads you are getting too expensive and not converting into sales?
  • Are your sales opportunities being shared with multiple competitors, making it hard for you to close deals?
  • Do you lack visibility into how your leads are being generated?
  • Are many of the leads you receive just names from a list, with no real interest in what you offer?
  • Are the leads you’re receiving not interested in your main product or service offering?
  • Do you find the process of buying leads to be complicated and time-consuming?
  • Are you encountering leads that have already been contacted multiple times?

If any of these are true, we can help! Why wait? Get in touch with Quantum Connect Today!

Quantums Lead Generation Solutions

Our Approach

At Quantum Connect, we understand that there is a significant distinction between “Lead Generation” and “Lead Buying.” Our approach is to specialize in developing Lead Generation systems tailored to your specific requirements, utilizing our expertise to generate high-quality leads that are exclusive to your business. By generating your own leads, you can accurately measure the success of your advertising strategy and use the data collected to refine and optimize your sales and marketing efforts to focus on the tools that generate the best results. Our approach to Lead Generation puts you in control of your lead generation process and ensures that you are getting the best possible return on your investment.

We bring together content, design, PPC, SEO, Linkedin & email

Google Ads

Google Ads is a search-based advertising service that displays small ads above the fold on Google search results pages. Advertisers compete through keyword bidding to trigger their ads to appear in the Google search results, and pay Google each time a user clicks on their ad. AdWords can be a highly effective method of acquiring targeted traffic quickly without the need for months of SEO work, making it an excellent tool for rapidly validating a business idea.

Google Ads is a ‘pay per click’ [PPC] model.
• You generate a list of relevant keywords for your business
• Create ads relevant to those keywords
• Users search the internet using one of those keywords
• Your ad is shown
• If your ad is compelling enough, the user clicks on your ad
• You [the advertiser] pay Google for the click [advertising cost]
• User goes to your website and you hopefully make a sale!

google ads